Inheriting from the World's Leading Technology-----Perkins-Lovol Engines is dedicated to becoming the world-class power supplier. For the past several years, 150 thousand diesel engines of Perkins-Lovol Engines have become the preferred power of trucks, generating sets, construction machinery and agricultural machinery which are running well all over the country and world and have made its contribution to the circulation and prosperity of world wealth.

        Perkins-Lovol Engines adheres to the core value of "Passion.Innovation.Never-halting, Team First,individuals second" , makes great efforts to realize the mission and vision of "Strive for better life by the means of science and technology innovation", breeds strong development power with the strong sense of responsibility and delivers the strong power of independent brand with healthy and rapid development.


For off-road machine, perkins-lovol have develop their Tire3 stand engine, which is suitable for the emvironmental requirement.


Perkins 1000 series for genset application power range from 28-147kw(1500/1800rpm), model available:

1003G,1003TG, 1004G,1004TG



Perkins 1000 series for stationary power range from 53-120kw(1500-2200RPM). Model available:

1003-3TZ,1004-4Z, 1004-4TZ, 1006-6TZ, 1006-6TAZ.

Perkins 1000 series for construction and Agriculture vehicles, power range from 56-132kw, Model available: