As a world largest engine manufacturer,ˇ±Cumminsˇ± have a hugh market in automotive field, mainly for bus and trucks. Now cummins have successfully launch its Euro4 and Euro5 diesel engines, to meet the environmental requirement. More clean power brings a more clean world.


Cummins Mechanical pump automotive engine with Euro2 emmission:

Feature: easy to maintain, and replace


B series automotive engine, power range from 125-235HP


EQB125-20, EQB140-20,EQB160-20,EQB170-20,EQB180-20,


C series automotive engine, power range from 220HP-325HP


C220 20, C230 20, C245 20, C260 20, C280 20, C300 20, C325 20.

L series automotive engine, power range from 300-30HP


L300 20, L325 20, L345 20, L360 20.



Cummins Electrical pump automotive engine with Euro3, Euro4, Euro5 emmission:

Feature: High output, compact and environmental.


ISF series electricial type automotive engine, power range from 109-170HP,  (High performance engine with 2.8L and 3.8L model, suitable for Luxuliary Trucks,Bus, SUV, MVP etc.)


ISF2.8s3109, ISF2.8s3131, ISF2.8s3163, ISF2.8s4131, ISF2.8s4150.

ISF3.8s3141, ISF3.8s3154, ISF3.8s3168, ISF3.8s4141, ISF3.8s4158,




ISB series electricial type automotive engine, power range from 140HP-300HP,(Power engine with 4.5L and 6.7L model, Ideal for use in heavy and medium duty buses, trucks with GVW under 25 tons and municipal vehicles)


Euro3 model (ISB4.5E3140, ISB4.5E3160, ISB4.5E3160B,

ISB4.5E3185,ISB4.5E3185B,ISB6.7E3185,ISB6.7E3185B, ISB6.7E3210,ISB6.7E3210B,ISB6.7E3230,ISB6.7E3230B, ISB6.7E3245,ISB6.7E3245B,ISB6.7E3270,ISB6.7E3270B, ISB6.7E3285) Euro4 model (ISBE4+140, ISBE4+140B, ISBE4+160, ISBE4+160B, ISBE4+185, ISBE4+205, ISBE4+205B, ISBE4+225, ISBE4+225B, ISBE4+250, ISBE4+250B,ISBE4+285, ISBE4+300) Euro5 model ( ISB4.5E5140, ISB4.5E5140B, ISB4.5E5160, ISB4.5E5160B, ISB4.5E5185, ISB4.5E5185B, ISB4.5E5207, ISB6.7E5205, ISB6.7E5205B, ISB6.7E5225, ISB6.7E5225B, ISB6.7E5250, ISB6.7E5250B, ISB6.7E5285, ISB6.7E5285B, ISB6.7E5300)

ISL series electricial type automotive engine, power rang from 280HP-400HP, ( Compact engine with 8.9L model, Ideal for use in higher power transit buses, coaches, premium rigid trucks and lightweight tractor units)

Model: ISLE+280, ISLE+280B, ISLE+300, ISLE+300B, ISLE+325, ISLE+350, ISLE4 280, ISLE4 280B, ISLE4 320, ISLE4 320B, ISLE4 340, ISLE4 340B, ISLE4 340H, ISLE4 360, ISLE4 380, ISLE4 400,

ISLE8.5E5280, ISLE8.5E5280B, ISLE8.5E5320, ISLE8.5E5320B, ISLE8.5E5340, ISLE8.5E5340B, ISLE8.5E5360, ISLE8.5E5380, ISLE8.5E5400.

ISM series electricial type automotive engine, power rang from 308HP-440HP, ( Exceptional power capability with peak torque to 2100NM, compact and simple design, cost effective weight ensure high power-to-weight ratio)

Model: ISME308 30, ISME335 30, ISME345 30, ISME360 30, ISME380 30, ISME385 30, ISME420 30.